Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to an appointment to shop in your boutique?  

    Yes(for brides). Appointments are necessary to ensure that we can provide each of our clients with our undivided attention .  The majority of what we sell is special order, and many items can be customized. Having an appointment and working with one of our dedicated consultants allows you to be educated on all of your options that our boutique has to offer.

    No (for bridesmaids, mothers of bride and groom, and eveningwear). Come in anytime Monday to Saturday.
    Special note for bridesmaids: first come first served Monday to Saturday ONLY, NO bridesmaid service on Sunday.There is a half hour time limit per bridesmaid group.

  • How do I book an appointment?  

    You can book your initial gown consultation through our website by clicking Request Bridal Appointment under the Info & Help tab, or call us at (905) 265-8707

  • Can I schedule bridal and bridesmaid appointments back to back?  

    We strongly recommend that you make separate appointments . A bridal appointment can be emotional and require making quite a few decisions. Once your decision has been made and your order has been placed we recommend making an appointment at a later date. Keep in mind that bridesmaid require a minimum four month delivery and you will have to add time for fittings.

  • What can I expect from my appointment?  

    Your gown consultation will last for an hour Our bridal salon is open concept therefore you will be able to view all the various silhouettes by all designers. At this appointment you may show her some pictures, or discuss with her what you are looking for. Keep an open mind as our consultant will also make her suggestions on what styles would best suit your figure and beauty. We are always striving to bring in various styles that will make you look unique on your wedding day.

  • Can I book a private consultation appointment room?  

    Yes private salon appointment is one and half hour and seating can accommodate up six guests and is separate from the open bridal salon concept. Small fee will apply.

  • Is there a limit to the number of guests that I can bring?  

    We understand that there are many special people in your life that want to be a part of this momentous decision, however too many opinions can actually be detrimental! Try to limit your guests to those who understand your personal style and the overall look and feel of your wedding so that they can assist you in selecting a gown that compliments both. There is comfortable seating for three guests and bringing more would make the seating uncomfortable for them.

  • What should I bring to my appointment?  

    You will be working with a dedicated stylist so feel free bring any photos of gowns that you like. Since our stylist will be assisting you in your wedding gown please make sure to wear undergarments for hygienic purposes.

  • When should I arrive for my appointment?  

    Please arrive at the time that your appointment is scheduled for. We often have appointments immediately before your appointment and (especially weekends) may not be able to take you early. Furthermore, if you are late, this may also cut into your appointment time. We also often have appointments immediately following yours(especially weekends) and therefore, we may not be able to extend your appointment time due to a late arrival. WE always try to do our best to accommodate all brides however some situations we may not be able to.

  • What sizes are available to try on?  

    Our bridal salon carries sizes from 6 to 24 in various styles from different designers. Please keep in mind that a style that you love may not be in the correct size you are looking for as we only carry one size per style. However it would be available to order in your size.

  • What is the price range of your gowns?  

    Our collection includes a full range of designers and luxury brands. Gowns start at approximately $1,000. The price range of each gown in our Gown Gallery is represented by $ symbols. Here is the breakdown of what they mean:

    • $ : $1,000 - $2,000
    • $$ : $2,000 - $3,000
    • $$$ : $3,000 - $4,000
    • $$$$ : $4,000 - $4,000
    • $$$$$ : $5,000+

  • Are photographs allowed?  

    Taking them throughout the appointment can be distracting and may not be the best use of your time. When you have made a decision on the gown of your dreams we recommend taking a picture.

    We also ask that when you view the photo to remember that our gowns are samples and may not be in the colour or condition that your gown will be upon it’s arrival. Also the gown has not been professionally fit to your body and therefore may not be lying exactly right. Therefore we recommend taking the picture of the dress on the hanger.

  • When should I order my veil and/or headpiece?  

    Special order designer veils have a 3-4 months lead time so making a decision at the time you order your gown is helpful. You may also may a separate appointment at a later date to finalize your accessories.

  • What is a trunk show and what is the advantage of purchasing my gown at one?  

    A trunk show is when a designer sends in an extended version of their collection which gives you an opportunity to see and try on other designs that perhaps we didn’t select for our store. There is a discount or special offer that is provided during the event as an incentive to buy.

  • How far in advance do I need to buy my gown?  

    It's best to allow 6 to 10 months before your wedding to order a gown.

  • What is a special order gown?  

    Most of the gowns we sell are special-order. A special-order gown is made specifically for you by a designer, based on the measurements we take from you, the designer then uses their pattern that is closest to your measurements to create your gown. We then fit it to perfection for your body.

  • How do I pay for my gown?  

    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Interac as well as cash and personal checks. (Personal checks are only accepted for deposit, not final payment) If you are ordering a special-order gown, we require a 60% deposit at the time you order your gown. If you are buying a gown from stock we require 100% payment and you must take the dress home with you that day.

  • What are the price ranges for your gowns?  

    Our special-order gowns start at $1200.00 but are more frequently in the $1500 range or higher.

  • When shall I schedule my first fitting?  

    We generally recommend for you to schedule a fitting 4-6 weeks before your wedding day.

  • How many fittings will I need?  

    Usually, brides require 2-3 fittings to ensure a perfect look.

  • Do you offer in-house alterations?  

    We have in-house seamstresses and offer alterations for bridal gowns , mothers gowns, and bridesmaids. Our alteration services for wedding gowns range from $395.00 to $695.00, any custom changes to the original style of the gown would be quoted separately. Our seamstresses are bridal specialists and we can only accommodate a certain number of bridal alterations per month. It is best to purchase your wedding gown in advance of your wedding if you want to take advantage of our in-house alteration service.